Clean Room Products


Clean Room Garments

The requirements for Clean Room Garments is diverse and highly dependent on the industry type and the Clean Room standard or classification for that industry.  Garment types include Jumpsuits, Lab Coats, Scrubs and Gowns, Overshoes and Overboots, Hoods or Head and Face protection.

Specially manufactured fabrics for these garments are required in order to maintain Clean Room standards. Often these highly specialized fabrics have an electrostatic discharge grid built into them.

DG Lab Services ensures that all garments are manufactured in accordance to the high quality standards required.  This entails that all seams, joints and parts of the  garment are sewn together according to internationally recognized contamination control standards.  It is crucial that this step in the process is conducted correctly or the clean room environment will potentially not be maintained.


Clean Room Disposables

The Clean Room Disposable range has been developed to meet the most stringent Clean Room process requirements which covers a full spectrum of Clean Room industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare users to Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Precision Engineering and Automotive manufacturing.

DG Lab Services are able to assist with Disposable Coveralls, Disposable Lab Coats, Clean Room Wipes, Tacky Mats and Clean Room Nitrile Gloves.



Clean Room Equipment

Our wide variety of Clean Room equipment ensures that we will be able to assist with your cleaning requirements.

DG Lab Services are able to assist with the following clean room equipment:

1. Cellulose Sponge Mop and Handle
2. Individual Mop Components

  •    Mop Handle
  •    Mop Frame
  •    Mop Head (Blue sponge, Poly-cellulose, Polyester)
  •    Mop Cover

3. Mopping Systems

  •    Includes: Wringer
  •    36 Litre Bucket
  •    Waste Containment Bucket
  •    Mop frame and polymer adjustable handle

4. Clean Room autoclavable clogs