Clean Room Products

Clean Room Products is a division of DG Lab Services and to view the Clean Room Products’ website click here. Clean Room Products supplies high quality certified products to various industries such as mining, pharmaceutical, food, electronic, aerospace and optical. Below is a breakdown of products we have on offer:

Clean Room Garments
The requirements for cleanroom garments will vary from company to company and from use to use. Specialised gloves, face masks and head covers are standard in nearly every cleanroom environment. Clean Room Gowns and Coats are being used more and more. Jumpsuits are required in extremely clean environments.

Specially designed fabrics that are certified for specific clean room garments are required in order to maintain a cleanroom’s standards. Often these highly specialized fabrics have an electrostatic discharge grid built into them. It is also of utmost importance to ensure that all garments are made to specific standards as all seams, joints and parts of a proper clean room garment have to be sewn together using internationally recognized contamination control standards and this cannot be skipped or the cleanroom environment will potentially not be able to be maintained.

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Clean Room Disposables

The Clean room Disposable range has been developed to meet the most stringent clean room process requirements which covers a full spectrum of clean room industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Healthcare users to Microelectronics, Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Precision Engineering and Automotive manufacturing.

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Clean Room Equipment

All Stainless steel Floor / Wall Mop for Cleanrooms

Clean Room Products presents the Superior All-stainless steel Self-wringing Mop that is the best floor or wall cleaning tool available.

All stainless steel with the exception of the wringing rollers and the sponge head. All the metal parts are manufactured in high quality 300 stainless steel for best resistance to corrosion. The rollers are polyvinylchloride and the T-35-S Squeegee Head is a special hybrid polyurethane material made in Switzerland. It has excellent absorbent capabilities and good wear & tear resistance. These outstanding properties are best realized for cleanroom usage.

Wash-Brush Kits

Brushes for laboratory glass and plastic containers made of Plastic foam – highly pull resistant, non absorbent, non soaking and do not weaken delicate cleaning action, do not scratch or mark, ideal for heavy-load work, the last many times longer than conventional brushes or sponges.

Ruff-T – Controlled Environment Looped End Wet Mop

  • Constructed of specially woven strands of low-linting polyester/cotton, Ruff-T absorbs twice as much liquid as conventional mops making Ruff-T an ideal mop for non-slip, non-skid surfaces.
  • Ruff-T looped mop stands up to rough floor surfaces such as stone, terrazzo, concrete and other textured surfaces.
  • This low-linting and highly absorbent Ruff-T is ideal for controlled environments, health care and general production facilities.

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