Lab Products


Sterilization Assurance Products

DG Lab Services is the exclusive distributor in Africa of the Crosstex® range of specialized sterilisation assurance products. These indicators are utilized to ensure the sterility of items used in the Clean Room.

Successful sterilization depends on contact of the sterilant (steam, ethylene oxide, gamma/e-beam) with all surfaces of the product for the time required. To ensure effective sterilization, the process must be routinely monitored through information from the relevant equipment as well as proper selection and use of Biological or Chemical Indicators.


Syringe Pumps

Syringe Pumps have been in use for many years by scientists to conduct research where fluid flow at a high level of precision is required.

These pumps are utilized in research laboratories for applications such as microfluidics, chemical/drug development and mass spectrometry where smaller volumes, in the region of nanoliter accuracy, is required.


Industrial Chairs

There are several aspects to consider when creating a conducive workplace environment which are highly dependent on the activities of the work involved.

One of the more critical items required in any workplace environment are chairs. Use of the correct chair can be a direct influencer of productivity levels and should be a major part of the decision making process when considering the ergonomics of each area of your work environment.

DG Lab Services is a supplier of high quality laboratory and industrial chairs which can be tailored to suit your specific requirements


Halyard* Nitrile Gloves 

Laboratory gloves built on a legacy of expertise and service.

These gloves have been thoroughly tested, sustainably manufactured and are reliably supplied for the protection of those who spend hours dealing with a variety of chemicals – some of which may impact health and well-being. 


General Laboratory

Personal Protective Equipment
Non-clean room or general disposable products and personal protective equipment is part of our offering.

Laboratory Equipment
Backed by more than 15 years experience in the laboratory services industry, DG Lab Services is able to source general and specialized laboratory equipment to suit your specific requirement.